Travel back in time on a journey through the free love ’70’s… Read what happens when a young woman coming of age turns on, tunes in & drops out of college and ‘consensus reality’ on a quest for freedom and spiritual self-discovery. Hitch a ride with Holly from go-go dancing jobs to hippy communes to anti-war demonstrations with nothing but a backpack, guitar and her thumb. Dive into romantic LSD trips and magical experiences as our heroine explores the edges of existentialism & the irony of love.

In this fourth volume of our adventure, the journals recount Holly settling into New York City in December of 1975. After returning from a visit to her family in Ohio for Christmas she wrestles with memories of childhood trauma & inexplicable hallucinations. Her deep-rooted feelings of isolation stemming from being an outsider in her own family are what drive her to continue to search for a meaningful & lasting romantic connection. Hanging out in the Kettle of Fish on MacDougal on the Wednesday bluegrass night lead her to meet Gene, the man who would bring her into a world of Greenwich Village folklore. An acid trip with the full moon glistening between the new Twin Towers, and an entire block of musical instrument stores are typical of the world that opened to her in New York City, 1975.